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Pivot 2021 Takeaways

Steve Krase, CEO and John Clegg, CTO discuss their takeaways from the online Pivot 2021 event.

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  1. Hello Hephae team,

    Great talk, congrats.
    My background is directional drilling and well engineering and contruction (40 years – 10 with SLB D&M, 20 with TOTAL, 10 with DrillScan as associate and CTO/CEO, DrilScan is now 100% H&P Inc since 2019)
    I’m consulting with my new company RG2S – Consulting for Geothermal promotion.
    I’m currently projecting how to replace russian gas imports in France and how geothermal AGS wells could help.
    Very preliminary finding at France scale are:
    – 350 geothermal plants fed by 12 U shape wells (sedimentary rock – 150°C – 3500-4000m TVD – 14km total drilled per loop) for cities ranging 25000 – 100000+ people (more than 350 French cities in that range)
    – 20 rigs (45-60 days AFE per loop)
    – Cost per drilled cluster 165M€ (estimated after 2 years learning curve benefits – cost per drilled meter in Europe is much higher than in USA, but will improve considerably)
    – 15 plants delivered per year from 2025 to 2050 (very likely faster, thanks to factory drilling approach)
    – Each plant producing 240MWh/year
    – Geothermal production capability (thermal / electricity) in 2050 : 84 TWh/year (that is France gaz imports from Russia per year and it cost anything between 2 and 8 G€/year, averaging 130G€ over 25 years)
    – Overall CAPEX by 2050 of 58G€ and very low OPEX
    – AGS well life cycle of 50 years
    – Cost per kWh over 30 years depreciation is 0.03€ / 50 years 0.01€)
    Don’t hesitate to comment

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