Hot Rock Drilling System


Pandora210 pushes the temperature limits of electronics and sensor technologies to further enable the exploitation of geothermal energy.

World’s first MWD that’s comfortable above 200˚C with a Technology roadmap and upgrade path all the way to 300˚C.


  • Industry leading 210ºC operating temperature.
  • Combined MWD and RSS electronics.
  • Well-site Serviceable.
  • Short low cost collar.


  • Enables greater energy recovery in unconventional geothermal operations.
  • Reduced NPT in all high temperature drilling operations through improved reliability.
  • Reduced NPT resulting from staging in hole.
  • Reduced operating cost through improved utilization.
  • Enables R&M in remote locations reducing transportation costs.
  • Improved reliability and reduced capital cost.
  • Improved performance in high shock and vibration environments.

Pandora210 circuit boards

Unique, novel board design and mounting, with patents pending, balances the requirements of shock and vibration resistance with those of thermal management.

Sonde-based approach combined with Hephae’s unique board design allows for maximum cooling of boards and components while operational, while inherent temperature resistance built into the design allows reduced staging into the hole.

Hotter is better!

Bespoke in both shape and design for extreme temperatures, our Electronic Circuit Boards are specifically created for Pandora210.

Currently testing temperature: 231ºC

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