Zimbabwe has recently prohibited the export of raw lithium from its mines so it can cash in on its resource by bringing the value chain elements associated with processing in-country and prevent what it perceives as the loss of billions of dollars in mineral proceeds to foreign companies.

The southern African country holds some of the world’s largest reserves of hard rock lithium.


Is this the start of a trend for countries to assume more control over their natural resources, whether minerals or energy, and keep more of the benefits for themselves? Natural energy resources are not evenly distributed around the world, and it’s easy to see how growth in resource protectionism could lead to energy inequality and shortages in less fortunate countries.

Fortunately, there is an energy resource that crosses natural boundaries. If you can drill deep enough, there is heat beneath our feet regardless of where in the world you are.

Unconventional geothermal wells will provide clean, “always on” power regardless of location. It’s just a question of drilling deep enough to get to hot rocks, and hot enough to optimise the economics of the project. Hotter is better!

Drilling accurately placed wells at temperatures above 200C has historically been a challenge. That’s why we set up Hephae to create the world’s first 200C+ directional drilling system. Accurately placed high temperature wells will enable a new generation of geothermal installations across the globe, getting us closer to the potential of energy independence for all, and Hephae is proud to be part of the solution!

Energy Independence

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