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Pushing the Temperature Limits of Electronics and Sensor Technologies CTO John Clegg recently presented to the geothermal technical section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

‘It is electrifyingly exciting’

How Britain could be freed from fossil fuels forever It’s something miners have always known: the further down you go, the hotter it gets. But,

Matthew attends SemiCon West 11-13 July, 2023

At SEMICON West, industry professionals, “Building a Path Forward.”  The event focused on key challenges affecting the global microelectronics industry which include Supply Chain Disruptions,

Welcome Shraddha

Meet a new addition to the Hephae team! Shraddha Singh started as a Mechanical Design Engineer in our Bilbao office on 1 July. After gaining

TED Countdown Day 3

Networking. And talking to David Lammy MP (UK Shadow Foreign Secretary) about Geothermal Energy.

TED Countdown Day 2

At the decommissioned and soon-to-be demolished River Rouge coal-fired power plant just outside Detroit. The infrastructure at old coal-fired plants potentially lends itself very well

Energy Independence

Zimbabwe has recently prohibited the export of raw lithium from its mines so it can cash in on its resource by bringing the value chain elements associated

Lateral Thinking

In the last blog we mentioned that many operators we have spoken to are interested in the transfer of horizontal well technology from the oil