About Us

We founded Hephae Energy Technology to push the temperature limits of electronics and sensor technologies to allow the exploitation of your thermal energy in hot, dry rocks.

Our team brings more than 100 years’ experience developing and running technologies in some of the harshest drilling conditions in the world. Our first task will be to develop an innovative integrated drilling system that enables geothermal to become the go-to source of clean power anywhere on the planet. 

Hotter is better for geothermal power generation. We’ll leverage the lessons learned in geothermal drilling to date while importing directional drilling expertise and technologies perfected by the oil and gas and aerospace industries. We will start by creating a directional drilling system that will work up to 225 Celsius but ultimately we’re aiming for 300 Celsius-rated tools. Once we have perfected directional drilling and measurement, we will have all the tools we need in terms of sensors and electronics to develop a wide range of products to help drill, complete and monitor geothermal wells. 

Faster, more precise drilling and measurement with lower failure rates and new capabilities will drive down geothermal development costs. We can have a green drilling boom, but first the world needs the tools to make that happen. We are the team to create those tools. We are currently pre-seed and looking for initial funding to turn our vision into reality.

Steve Krase, CEO

John Clegg, CTO

Pete Harvey, Senior Advisor Mechanical Engineering

Mark Haugland, Senior Advisor LWD Technology/Sensor Physics

Jim Brock, CFO