Unleashing Geothermal Development Globally

In Greek mythology, Hephaestus was the god of fire, volcanoes – the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Vulcan. We adopted his name because we, too, intend to harness the power of the heat in the Earth.

We were founded with the idea of harnessing abundant heat to make a difference to the world. Our team is dedicated to launching a new generation of drilling technology, allowing geothermal energy to be developed cost-effectively, safely, and efficiently around the world. This infinite power source is the only sustainable, low emission energy system that can provide baseload power to the grid.

The coming years will bring a whole new generation of geothermal wells – wells that can be drilled anywhere and at scale, bringing cost reductions that will make geothermal energy economically attractive. Hephae will bring to market the enabling technology that the industry will need to accurately, safely and productively drill these wells.  

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Lateral Thinking

In the last blog we mentioned that many operators we have spoken to are interested in the transfer of horizontal well technology from the oil

Drilling (Straight) Ahead

A recent article in Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) magazine https://jpt.spe.org/microwave-drilling-sounds-like-science-fiction-but-so-does-drilling-down-to-the-hottest-rock describes the plans of a new drilling technology company, Quaise Energy, to utilise microwave