We are happy to announce a strategic partnership between Hephae and Well Guidance. Hephae are leaders in developing high temperature solutions for the geothermal drilling industry and Well Guidance are leaders in providing Directional Drilling Service to the quickly growing European Geothermal Industry. The companies will collaborate on commercialization of the Pandora210 MWD system.

“We are excited to partner with the Well Guidance team, in order to commercialize MWD systems we needed a partner with the operational and drilling optimization experience that Well Guidance brings”.

Steve Krase, Hephae Energy Technology.

“New technology, including our innovative new MWD and RSS systems, will catalyse rapid growth in geothermal drilling in the next few years and we are delighted to have a partner with Well Guidance’s competence and experience”.

John Clegg, Hephae Energy Technology.

“We are delighted to join forces with Hephae in this groundbreaking partnership. The commercialization of the Pandora210 MWD system is a significant step forward for the geothermal drilling industry. Combining our expertise in directional drilling with Hephae’s advanced high-temperature solutions will undoubtedly drive innovation and efficiency in geothermal projects across Europe and overseas. Together, we are poised to unlock new potentials and accelerate the growth of sustainable energy solutions.  The future is hotter, and hotter is better!”

Andy Douglas, MD, WellGuidance.

Well Guidance & Hephae Energy Technology form a strategic partnership

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