Geothermal everywhere

Scaling up Geothermal

Temperature is a very significant lever on the economic return from geothermal wells therefore to scale geothermal to terawatts we must drill deeper and hotter temperature reservoirs.

How do we do this?

Geothermal everywhere

Hotter is better!

Temperature is king

Hephae is committed to fully test & manufacture high temperature AGS & EGS drilling systems to…

….by 2030

Hotter is better!

Q1 2025

Pandora: high temperature drilling systems from Hephae

Hephae Energy Technology has taken 100 years of oil and gas know-how in the development of directional drilling tools and techniques while at the same time leveraging aerospace and advanced manufacturing technologies to create a new generation of drilling tools with much higher temperature capability in the sensors and electronics.

Watch the video ‘how it works’

Launches in …

Q1 2025

Now testing up to 231ºC for hundreds of hours - Pandora210

How have we achieved this?

Radical thinking

Looked at in another way

Hephae’s unique circular electronics design and mechanical packaging will enable this step change in performance.

Printed circuit boards have been designed and are currently being oven tested. So far, all boards tested have operated to specification between 220°C and 230°C for hundreds of hours.

Radical thinking

A team already exceeding expectations

Formed in 2021

Expertise in business, engineering, electronics, analytics, finance, sales & marketing.

A team already exceeding expectations

Team Hephae

5 nationalities, 3 locations

8 males 2 females, 4 languages

From 10 schools, partnered with Deusto, University of Bilbao

Using power from the earth

1 million wells by 2050

Sustainable green energy

Harnessing power from the earth with our high temperature Pandora systems to deliver Geothermal power everywhere.

1 million wells by 2050

For geothermal energy everywhere - hotter is better!