EGEC announces its “Geothermal NOW” manifesto to call for action from the EU stating that geothermal can deliver 15% of EU electricity production by 2040.

This is consistent with NREL’s 2035 and 2050 estimates for US electricity production of 6.13% and 12.04% respectively from geothermal and it is consistent with Hephae’s estimate from 2021 of 16% of global electricity from geothermal by 2050!

We have used it to compute wells based on productivity and capacity estimates from the Texas Geothermal report and concluded that EGEC’s target will be close to 30,000 geothermal wells in the EU by 2040 and as many as 40,000 by 2050.

Download the manifesto: EGEC Geothermal NOW

Our projected Well count to 2050 & EGEC “Geothermal NOW” manifesto

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