Lateral Thinking

In the last blog we mentioned that many operators we have spoken to are interested in the transfer of horizontal well technology from the oil

Drilling (Straight) Ahead

A recent article in Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) magazine describes the plans of a new drilling technology company, Quaise Energy, to utilise microwave

Steve Krase on CORE Knowledge Podcast

Our CEO Steve Krase talks to Nick Cestari about how to make geothermal energy scalable and accessible everywhere, and how Hephae will contribute with the high temperature drilling and measurement tools that will be an important part of the equation.

It’s Time

John Clegg, Hephae’s CTO, discusses how timing is everything for innovation – and how the timing is perfect for developing our technology!

Pivot 2021 Takeaways

Steve Krase, CEO and John Clegg, CTO discuss their takeaways from the online Pivot 2021 event.