High temperature directional drilling equipment: hotter is better!

Pandora210 - 'How it works'

See us at IIGCE Jakarta 18-20 Sept, 2024


Hephae Energy Technology will be demonstrating the Pandora210 high temperature directional drilling system at IIGCE, Jakarta.

Pandora210 will enable unconventional geothermal wells to be drilled at higher and much more economic temperatures.

Come and talk to the Hephae team at booth  #M-125.

Next stop - GRC Hawaii - see you there!

Watch: Launching Pandora210

The transition to Global Geothermal Energy everywhere

About Hephae Energy Technology

In Greek mythology, Hephaestus was the god of fire, volcanoes – the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Vulcan. We adopted his name because we, too, intend to harness the power of the heat in the Earth.

A new generation of geothermal wells that can be drilled anywhere and at scale, bringing cost reductions that will make geothermal energy economically attractive. Hephae will bring to market the enabling technology that the industry will need to accurately, safely and productively drill these wells.

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